Friday, February 25, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Emancipation Lipglass

Today I picked up the only thing I wanted from the MAC Wonder Woman collection, the Emancipation lipglass!

The packaging. The lipglass box comes in a sleeve depicting Wonder Woman in all her glory!

Showing the size comparison with an Underage lipglass on the right. 

Emancipation is a lovely pale pink with delicate shimmer. 

MAC's Wonder Woman lipglasses come in a gigantic tube, more than double the size of regular lipglasses! You get 10.5g (0.37oz) for $20, whereas the regular tubes are 4.8g (0.17oz) for $14.50, so really you're saving almost $10 by getting the giant tube instead of getting two regular ones. While a lot of people avoided this collection because of it's bright comic-book packaging, I happen to love it! Then again, that is probably due to me being a nerd :)

Overall, I love this gloss! The color is lovely and very flattering on pretty much anyone that has fair to tan skin (I doubt it would show up very well on anyone darker), and is wonderful for using over nude and pink lipsticks and wearing alone as an everyday lip product. It's not sticky like most glosses, and has a pleasant sweet smell that isn't too strong. I even like how big the gloss is (not to mention it'll last a lot longer than a regular size tube!), and contrary to my first thought, it applies just fine, because the tip of the doe foot applicator is flat and just the right size for lips :) My only complaint is that you have to be careful when getting the wand out of the tube, it gets somewhat stuck and if you try to yank it out it might splatter some gloss on your hands (unintentional dirtiness, sorry haha)
I give it thumbs up! :)

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