Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoya Summertime Collection

The Summertime Collection is all cremes, and I actually got these the same time as the other 2 Zoya summer collections, but have procrastinated putting them up until now (I'm bad, I know). But here they are (except for Tamsen), enjoy!

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Mira is a royal purple creme.  Dupe for OPI Funky Dunkey, and is a bit lighter than OPI Grape Pop! Very pretty, and can almost get away with 1 coat, but I went with 2 to smooth it out.

Areej is a bright fuschia creme. This can almost pass for hot pink, except that it does have that purple-tint which definitely makes it a fuschia. Either way, it's a perfect shade for summer! Dupe for OPI Dim Sum Plum, and again, 2 coats.

Sooki is a true red creme. This color is totally sexy, and if you're looking for the perfect red, this is it! I love this color, but I would have gotten it either way just for the name :) While the rest of this collection are all 2 coaters (not sure about Tamsen, as I passed on that one), Sooki is the most sheer with a somewhat jelly finish and needs 3 coats to be opaque.

Kieko is a red toned purple creme. This one is lighter than it appears in this swatch, but again, a bright color that is perfect for summer! 2 coats.

Breezi is a dusty blue creme. I would call this my favorite from the collection, but that would be biased on my part as it happens to be an exact dupe for one of my favorite blues: OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui (see below), so if you missed out of SSFS, get this (I got a backup of it, and now with Breezi I have 3 bottles of the same color haha). This one is also 2 coats. 

Nail length and slight color variation due to swatching on different days.
Index and ring: Zoya Breezi
Middle and pinky: OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

There is a 6th color in this collection called Tamsen, which is another red (it leans more orange than Sooki), but it didn't really interest me.
Overall, I love these! Bright, fun colors that apply like a dream and are opaque in 2 coats (with the exception of Sooki). I recommend grabbing these, especially Sooki if you're looking for a nice true red, and Breezi if you missed out on OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui (or if you just want an awesome blue!).


  1. Yayyyy!~ I'm your 100th follower!~ (: I LOVE YOUR NAIL DESIGNS!! I spent like half an hour looking through your nail designs~ I love love the pink valentine's day french tip nail!!~ I'm jealous~ T__T

  2. these colours are cute but there are a lot of dupes...

  3. These Nail-polishes are amazing!!!So Cute!!!!
    Kisses from Italy,

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  4. Love the colors, but the shape of nails are beautiful too!

  5. OMG..you make this nail polishes look good!!!! :) XOXO

  6. you should get Tamsen, it's a gorgeous clay-red, think Arizona or at least that's what i think of when it's on my nails, lol

  7. Thank you, ladies :)

    @Anonymous, I might someday!