Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zoya Mod Mattes

One of the 3 summer collections Zoya released this year is Mod Mattes, which consists of 3 matte shades!

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Mitzi is a yellow-leaning lime green matte. Out of the three, this one has the worst application. It is very streaky and watery, and even after 3 coats, you can clearly see the streakiness. I love the color though!

With top coat.

Phoebe is an azure blue matte with shimmer! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I said shimmer and matte in the same sentence. See all those little light blue specks? Those are it. They are visible under good lighting and make this such an interesting polish! I think this one had the best application of the three. I absolutely love it, definitely my favorite from this collection! 3 coats.

With top coat, in direct sun. 

Lolly is a hot pink matte. This picture is a bit misleading, because it is not quite so neon looking in person, though the color is accurate. I almost skipped this one because I have other matte/neon hot pinks, but I do like it! Application wise, it isn't quite as good as Phoebe, but not bad either. 3 coats.

With top coat.

If I had to suggest just one from this collection, it would definitely be Phoebe, it's so pretty and unique! Remember to skip base (base coat makes mattes slip and slide when you're applying them) and top coat (unless you want the shimmer particles to pop in Phoebe!) If you've never worn a matte, I would say give them a try, but don't expect them to last as long without chips as regular polish!


  1. These are awesome both matte and shiny. Your nails are perfect! :)

  2. Gorgeous swatches! These are all such fun, great colors! :D Zoya makes the best mattes. My favorite has to be Phoebe for it's beautiful shade of blue, the amazing touch of shimmer built into the true matte finish, and the beautiful depth of the polish worn matte or with a glossy top coat.

  3. Wish the application for Mitzi wasn't so awful...such a lovely color!

  4. I really like Phoebe, especially with a top coat, gorgeous!