Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jewelmint Nordic Treasure Necklace

I got a few more pieces from Jewelmint in the last week, but when this one came today - the moment I opened it- I knew I had to do a review immediately!

You can sign up for Jewelmint here.
If you are not familiar with Jewelmint, you can read my post with all the information you need to know here.

Now, onto the pictures and review!

Nordic Treasure Necklace
The piece description, and a size comparison to my hand.

This is a rustic "gold" necklace with a 27" chain (and 3" extender) and a whopping 3.75" sage enamel glazed pendant. The details in both the pendant and the chain are absolutely stunning! It is very sturdy and has good weight, without being too heavy. The only problem (and it isn't even a real problem, just a slight annoyance) is that when you walk, pendant bounces and twists so the back shows and it has to be readjusted. Other than that, it's perfection.
This has a very antique feel to it; from the moment I saw it on the website, it immediately made me think of something that got pulled out of a sunken ship that was resting on the ocean floor for hundreds of years. Amazing necklace, and it is officially my favorite Jewelmint piece! 

Beautiful especially when worn over earth-tones, and lace :)


  1. You just sold me on this piece! I'm an avid jewelmint fan (found your blog from their FB page) and your pics are just so great. I'm off to order it now!

  2. I love that necklace! I'm from Finland so I guess I was sold when I read "Finnish inspired" ;D But still... that's just gorgeous.

  3. Glad you ladies like it as much as I do! :D