Friday, April 22, 2011

Jewelmint Inspired DIY

I'm sure by now it's no secret that I adore Jewelmint, but there was one time when I looked at a particular piece of theirs and thought "You know, I love these, but I don't like that 2 out of 3 are gold... I'll make my own! :D" And so I did!

That piece (or I suppose pieces, since there's 3) is the Aurora Bracelets trio. Lovely, simple, but I wanted to be able to choose exactly what stones mine had, and I wanted all 3 to be silver.

I visited a local bead shop in March, and after much picking and choosing, walked out with the things I needed to make this trio, and the total cost was under $10!

My version!

The colors are more accurate in this photo :)

I plan on making more of these, using different colored stones (that way I can wear a combination with any outfit!)

What do you all think? Do you like DIY, or do you prefer to buy things that are ready to wear? 

Personally, I love DIY. I've been beading since I was 9, and even sewed once upon a time! Sometimes I don't bother making something myself when my inspiration is already perfect and is exactly what I want :)


  1. Im a jewelmint junkie myself, but I do prefer your version!! Real quality workwomanship ;)

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Would you consider doing a step-by-step photo tutorial?

  3. So cute!


  4. I might do a tutorial next time I make some :)